Good News Text is a Free smartphone App available on the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store.

logo cropped1001.From your phone go to your App or Play store and search for “Good News Text” and look for the Bible with the words Uplifting Scriptures like the image on the right.

2. Download the App, Choose Language and install.


Screenshot_2013-07-01-14-21-183. Once installed you will come to the home page with the Home, Favorites and Settings buttons on the bottom like the image to the right.


4. Tap the Settings Tab and start setting up your preferences.

(Cheat) On the home page anytime you tap the Good News Text Bible Icon,

The App will force a new message.



5Settings5. In the settings Tab you will see a number of preferences like the image to the right.

(Note – Notification Tone is not available on Apple products.)

6. Tap each settings and set your preference for Tone, Time & Days.
7. Here you can log into your Facebook and share the App to Facebook.




Screenshot_2013-07-18-12-53-248. Now go back to the Home page by tapping the Home tab and tap on the bible favicon (3) in the center of the page. This will force your 1st GNT to appear in your “message & notification” area of your phone.

9 Tap the notification and the GNT will appear on your phone which will look like the image to the right.






Screenshot_2013-07-18-12-52-1810. After reading the message tap “OK” and your GNT Sharing page appears like the image to the right.

11. From this sharing page you can

  • Save the message to “Favorites’ by tapping the “HEART” icon.

  • Tweet the scripture by tapping the “TWITTER” icon (Twitter must be installed).

  • Post the scripture to “Facebook”.(Facebook must be installed – follow the prompts and agree to sharing rights)

  • Email the scripture by tapping the “EMAIL” icon

  • Text the scripture by tapping the “TEXT” icon

  • Comment on the scripture by tapping “COMMENT” icon

Screenshot_2013-07-18-12-53-1312. Every time you tap the Heart icon the scripture will be saved to your FAVORITES.
Tap the FAVORITE tab and you will come to a page like the image to the right, which you can read again or share again your favorite scriptures,.