One day, Satan and Jesus were talking.

Satan said, yes sir, Just got a world full of people out there.

I set them up, and knock them down, I use bait, they can’t resist. They’re all downstairs or going downstairs.

What will you do with them Jesus asked?

Ah I’m having too much fun with them Satan replied.
I’ll teach them how to marry and how to divorce.
How to hate and mistreat each other.
I’ll teach them to drink and smoke.
I’ll teach them how to abuse science; to use science on their fellow man to destroy each other.
Really, I’m having so much fun!

And what will you do when you get bored with them Jesus asked?

I’ll kill them Satan said, with a look full of hatred and pride.

How much do you want for them Jesus asked?

You wouldn’t like these people. They’re not good.
Why would you want to take them.
They hate you, they will just spit in your face, curse you and kill you.
You don’t want these people,

How much Jesus asked again?

Satan looked at Jesus and replied sarcastically:
All your blood, tears and your life.
Jesus said, done!

GNT … It’s easy to disrespect God and then wonder why the world is going to hell.
It’s funny how one can say ′′ I believe in God ′′ and yet continue to follow Satan.
It’s interesting we send thousands of messages with jokes via social media,
but when you start posting about God or the Lord Jesus Christ, people think twice before sharing them.

Funny how people can worry more of what others think of them.
Jesus Christ said: ′′ If you deny me before friends, I will deny you before my Father.
Today is the day to Share the Gospel.