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But he knows what I am doing and when he tests me, I will be pure as gold. I have never refused to follow any of his commands… Job 5:17 Happy are they whom God corrects! Don’t resent it when he rebukes you. God bandages the wounds… Time after time he will save you from harm’

GNT – God will allow us to be tested but never to be harmed, He allows us to be forged by fire, just like a master sword-smith creating a two-edged sword that can pierce the hearts of men. Time after time, we, the sword are heated by fire and cooled by water, we are folded and shattered to rid us of impurities, then forged again, folded again, shattered again; over and over again, until the Master, our Lord has created a spiritual weapon of His word that is pure as gold and sharp as His word.